Internship Positions

Lily & Beauty now has nearly 1,000 outstanding employees who are the company's most valuable asset.

Thanks to them, Lily & Beauty has formed a very strong professional team in E-commerce operations, marketing planning, advertising design, page design, information system support, etc., with rich experience in E-commerce operations and brand marketing. Lily & Beauty hopes to find more young people with dreams, who are willing to fight for and love E-commerce.

We offer a challenging and dynamic platform that provides a competitive salary and career prospects.

Looking forward to conquering the sea of stars with you.

Intern (Car Copywriter)
Working place:Shanghai
Work experience:Work experience is not required.


1、In charge for data collection, writing and publishing.

2、Copywriting of products.

3、Other brand-related auxiliary work.


1、Weibo, WeChat planning and operation experience is preferred.

2、Learn about the latest news in the automotive field, and create content with current events.

Intern (Beauty Copywriter)
Working place:Shanghai
Work experience:Work experience is not required.


1、In charge of managing the Weitao account.

2、The relevant copy work in the group.

3、Other work arranged by the superior.


1、2019 graduates, bachelor’s degree or above, can guarantee more than one year of internship, attending at least 3 days a week, and better with internship experience in related writing.

2、Very familiar with the beauty circle, the inside gossip, open mind, humorous language ability.

3、Be able to adapt to a fast-paced work environment.

4、Knowledge on Official Accounts or skilled use of PS is crucial.

Intern (Financial Tax Direction)
Working place:Shanghai
Work experience:Fresh graduates


1、Sorts, classifies, calculates, and counts invoices.

2、BBinds and archives  financial vouchers and credentials.

3、Completes other matters arranged by the leader.

4、Goes to the tax bureau to purchase invoices.


1、Have a major in Finance and graduated in 2019, with a bachelor’s degree or above.

2、Can obtain  permission fromm the instructor, guarantee the internship time of more than half a year, attending at least 3 days a week.

3、Be skilled in using financial software.

4、Have the ability to  learn, work independently  and have a financial analysis ability.

5、Be meticulous, possess a strong sense of responsibility, and have good communication skills.